• Market analysis
  • Competitor performance
  • Buyer dynamics
  • Enterprise vulnerability
  • Market volatility


  • Risk Identification
  • Strategic options
  • Risk/reward assessment
  • Downside modeling
  • Upside modeling
  • Balance sheet impact


  • Strategic plan
  • Differentiation
  • Financial model
  • Operating model
  • Implementation scheme

Strategic Plan Implementation

By working with an enterprise leadership team, map a forward plan.  Include the subtleties of enterprise dynamics, talent, team buy-in, diversity & inclusion, R&D investments, rate and factors structuring for new market entry, and optimization of conditions inside the company to outperform peers.

Apply unique talent to complement your leadership team.

Develop enterprise metrics (risk, financial, market) and a thoughtful dashboard of leading indicators to measure progress.

Work with your team during implementation to maintain the resolve to succeed.